Friday, 2 May 2008

So excited!

Today's the day my shed's delivered! This is good. The bad thing is that Wickes did that enraging thing of saying, "You can expect delivery any time between 8.00am and 5.00pm" - grrrrrr AND IT'S A SUNNY DAY [shakes fist at sky in cartoony fashion]. Still, I did manage to spend 4.5 hours at the plopment yesterday, dodging the storms, and have decided where to put my raspberry canes (ooer). By expanding the plot sideways, I can get quite a few extra feet of growing space and I'll put them in there. As for the strawberries, I've decided to get a patio planter for them, not one of the fancy terracotta ones but one that looks a bit like a green woven plastic buckety-baskety thing that can be folded flat and stored when not being used. I can keep this at home in the garden.

After being at the site now for about 3 months I finally got round to discovering a fellow allomenteer's name (I can be a bit shy like that sometimes - an admission which will, frankly, amuse the hell out of those that know me, but there it is). Anyway he's a lovely older gentleman called Henry who told me that only about 3 years ago hardly anyone was digging on the entire site and it was being threatened by the council who wanted to build on it, so he and a few others started marking out plots and working them like fury to show they were occupied. Consequently he still has 2.5 plots that he's working. I'm quite fond of reading the website with its many busy forums (fora?) and the fact that some people dig several sites while there is a waiting list is pretty controversial but I say let's give three cheers for old boys like Henry who've saved sites like this for amateurs like me to potter around in.

Apologies for the lack of pictures but I'm stuck indoors today. When the shed arrives I'll take its pic and stick it here. Me and Hubby are at my mum's 70th birthday barbecue tomorrow (pray for good weather) so I think the earliest we'll be able to start work on this will be Sunday.

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