Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Just call me 'Ripley', okay?

The weather this week has, so far, been just lovely - sunny and quite warm too, up to 17 degrees centigrade/62 degrees fahrenheit so on Sunday The Husband and I headed off to the plopment to christen the strimmer!!

To be honest I was a little afeared at first - it has an outboard motor-type thing on the end of it and I really didn't want to look foolish and like a weedy girl by failing to get it started, so persuaded The Husband that, being all manly 'n' that, he should have a go first. It took some pulling to get the thing going but once it did - vroom, vroom! And also loud! I felt a bit bad about the noise especially as the site was teeming with folks, some of them brand new this year, all of whom had decided to bring their kids along. It may be my natural paranoia but I could swear some of them gave us the stink-eye but to hell with them - they'll soon learn that the site secretary is extremely strict about grass being kept cut, so edges and pathways have to be Brazilianed to within a inch (or preferably less) of their lives and short of getting a petrol driven (or worse, bicep-driven) lawnmower, or garden shears that will make you want to stab out your eyes after about five minutes, the only way to comply with this diktat is to get a petrol strimmer.

The petrol tank wasn't really big enough for this first use as there was a LOT of grass to get through, especially at the top end which is currently uncultivated, but at least we got to have a go. The Husband did around the shed and the compost bins and then persuaded me to use it. I was a bit reluctant at first but, once on, the resemblance between me and Sigourney Weaver in Aliens was absolutely unmistakeable - watch out, alien weeds, I'm a-comin' for ya. Cut grass was flying about and I was off! At least until the petrol ran out, but I'll Be Back...

Here are some pics then:


  1. Dear Mrs J - sadly, I am well aware how hideously expensive the equine addiction can be, and I eventually acknowledged I would never be able to have a fulfilling relationship with someone whos shoes cost more than mine ! However the "Jills Gymkhana" virus was never fully cured. Love the allotment btw, do you grow exciting and esoteric goodies ?
    WV graft - couldn't be more appropriate really ?

  2. Does this mean you'll be planting your garden soon? It is still too cold here (still freezing at night) to plant anything but I am itching to dig my fingers into the soil and turn it.

  3. Oh yes, Ms P! I got stuff in the ground there already (Broad Beans, onions, garlic and parsnips) and am starting things off in my plastic greenhouse at home (brussels sprouts, leeks, basil, coriander, lettuce, chillies) which will be transplanted to the allotment when they're big enough.


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