Sunday, 2 August 2009

Positively Cornucopian

The weather has been particularly vile this week so I took the opportunity of it being dry to head off to the plopment in trepidation at the jungle I would find.

As expected, the courgettes are getting ideas above their station and straying dangerously close to the realm of the marrow. Nevertheless, I've found a fab-sounding recipe for Maltese Stuffed Marrow (thanks, Ali!) which I shall be attempting next week.

No more pattypan squash since the first one last week but there are more forming and the flowers are huge - the bees are queuing up to dive headfirst into them so I'm hoping for good things here. The plants themselves are really big so if leaf growth is anything to go by then a bumper crop (or at least more than one!) is to be expected.

I also harvested my first Beetroot, and it was perfect! Also perfect was the Resistafly carrot that I pulled up today. Last year's carrot crop was a total crushing disappointment on practically all fronts (too many legs, carrot fly tunnels). So I'm hoping I may have cracked it!

I also picked 1.7 kilos of Climbing French Beans. And half a kilo of Yellow French Beans. Good job we like beans in our house, then. I also picked Kale, a good coupla handfuls of sugar snap peas, a small amount of calabrese, a Little Gem lettuce and about half a kilo of blackberries, so quite a haul in total!

(The photos were taken on my phone so I'm hoping the quality is okay.)


  1. Did you manage to solve your red ant problem? I've just come back from my allotment and have found 3 brand new red ant nests, even after a liberal dose of nematodes on the plot. I googled red ants and the consensus is leave them alone. That obviously comes from people whose plots are not infested with the evil little.....
    Kim xx

  2. Hi Kim - Interestingly, I don't actually view the red ants as being a problem. The problem is me getting in the way of their mandibles - after all, I'm the big invader wrecking their homes so of course they're going to attack! I just need to pay more attention, that's all and remember to actually LOOK whenever I feel something's crawling on me rather than just thinking it's a bit of grass touching me, and if there is an ant, flick it off. I wasn't paying proper attention when I got bitten 7 times. Still, they're evil feckers. Also I thought nematodes were only good for slugs?

    Hmm, if you're infested though, I don't know what to suggest. I know people have put petrol down their nests but that seems a bit cruel to me (if not a bit of a fire risk!). Good luck, anyway!!!

  3. WOW ! that's quite a haul you have there Mrs Jones. I must try Patty pan squashes next year, a friend has them growing and they look great. Your carrot looks perfect, mine were a bit deformed, but I had a few good shaped ones, not that shape matters as they did taste lovely. I am ashamed to say that I haven't visited your blog for a while or many others come to that. BUT now the evenings are drawing in I shall be catching up on everyone and getting some inspiration for next years planting.

    By the way, thanks for trying to enlarge the recipe pic, I took your advice and did the old fashioned way. It's typed out on the post now if you want to try the chutney.


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