Monday, 2 February 2009

Blimey - they weren't kidding!

Snow storms from Russia were predicted - and snow storms from Russia is what happened! I am so pleased I did go to the allotment a couple of days ago, because (as you can see from the pictures - which are of my garden, incidentally) everything is under at least a foot of snow and there's apparently more on the way this afternoon!

Needless to say everything in this country's ground to a halt - trains and flights cancelled, roads untreated. But it is very pretty, nonetheless! This is the largest snowfall the south of England has had since 1991 (which I remember).

The Husband ventured out to the nearest cornershop to pick up milk and bread (no chance of doing a big shop in Sainsburys today) and said there was a real fun atmosphere out on the streets - kids building snowmen and having snowball fights, being pulled around on toboggans. The cats are thoroughly bemused (the snow's deeper than they are and they won't venture out) - we're trying to reintroduce them to a litter tray but they're seriously unimpressed with everything.

I managed to get out to clear the snow from the bird feeders - as you can see, they were waiting for me.

Anyway, I'm off to put the kettle on, so keep warm everyone and don't forget to check on your elderly neighbours.

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