Thursday, 12 February 2009

Is winter over yet?

I'm looking out my jewellery workshop window and seeing a beautiful day - blue sky, sunshine, a slight haze on the horizon, hardly any clouds - but the ground is still frozen. Seems the cold weather is not yet over. The snow took over a week to melt completely although I can still see a small pile between the bins on the pavement over the road. This means that it's still too cold to do decent work at the allotment today.

However I did manage to get some seed potatoes yesterday from Secrett's Garden Centre in Milford. I've decided to grow spuds again this year and have chosen Maris Peer as Second Earlies and Desirees as Maincrop. I've made a list month-by-month of what I can start sowing and things really kick off next month, March. I've also scanned in the plot plan for this coming season as you can see. The entire plot has still not been totally dug over and there's uncultivated land at the top of the plot which currently has fruit on it. I may fill in the gaps at the top with more french beans, and I'll probably grow lettuce in the gaps between the rows. I've decided to grow more herbs at home (where they're closer to the kitchen) rather than at the plopment.

The plan's mostly self-explanatory but the three oddly-shaped circles (I couldn't get them even) labelled 'BB' are blueberry bushes. At the bottom, along from the shed there are unlabelled shapes. These are; circle nearest the shed = dalek compost bin; square = horse poo corrall; circle on the far right = weed pile. Don't forget you can click on all the pictures to make them bigger:

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