Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A tail of three piggies....

P is for piggie

Digging the trenches for the potatoes is coming along quite shamefully slowly.  I manage to inveigle The Lovely Husband to come down to the allotment after lunch on Monday this week to help with some digging, with the proviso that we went to the pub afterwards - a plan!!

It was a beautiful day (as they have all been this week), and 2 hours of digging in the sunshine was rewarded with another couple of hours in a pub garden where I was eventually joined by my good friend C who brought her three kids with her - nothing like training them up from an early age!  All five of us then decided to head off to a local curry house for our evening meal.  I think we eventually rolled home at about 10.30pm.  Now THAT'S how a day should be spent.  I'm not sure why I'm sharing this on my allotment blog when it really belongs on my other, blathery, blog but they're both mine and I'll write about what I want.  See if I don't.

But at least the piggies had come out to lounge in the sun and rootle around in their enclosure, so I took the requisite photos:

Their enclosure

We stood there just watching them going about their snuffly, grunty business for ages - they were absolutely adorable.  I didn't like to think of their eventual fate.


  1. What lovely little pigs.

    We use the trowl method of planting potatoes - no trenches - no backache, speedier planting and still the same in terms of a hravest!

  2. Sorry meant harvest - why do my fingers not work together

  3. Aww, the piggies are lovely. I do the same a Green Lane - make a hole and push the spud into it! But then, I hate digging.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day on Monday, and it makes it all the more nicer when the weather's good. What lovely little pigs, I wouldn't be able to send them off for the chop though.

  5. Hi I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs that I follow.

    Sounds like a very good day to me.

    The piggies are very cute indeed.

  6. Oh lovely piggies - how cute!x

  7. I love your opening picture of the curly pig tail, what a great introduction to your post, Linda


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