Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's coming up, it's coming up....

Hooray - things are starting to appear! Yesterday I counted 14 Broad Bean seedlings emerging (out of 18 - I'm only growing for two of us so we don't need many) and at least 55 onion sets have poked their noses up through the ground!

So, to recap, at the allotment at the moment, actually in the ground there are:
  • Broad Beans - Jubilee Hysor
  • Onion Sets - Turbo
  • Wild Rocket
  • Carrots - Amsterdam Forcing
  • Potatoes - First Earlies, Pentland Javelin

While I'm clearing the soil, I've started a whole load of pots off in my plastic-house in the garden (I don't have enough room for a greenhouse so I've one of those small four-storey mini shelving unit-type things with a zip-up plastic cover - I'll picture them for tomorrow's blog) in which I've currently got:
  • Leeks - Musselburgh
  • Lettuce - Salad Bowl
  • Kale - Dwarf Green Curled
  • Climbing French Bean - Cobra
  • Savoy Cabbage - Ormskirk(1)-Rearguard
  • Onion - White Lisbon
  • Broccoli - Sprouting Summer Purple
  • Brussels Sprouts - F1 Brigitte
  • Brussels Sprouts - Bedford-Winter Harvest
  • Parsnip - Tender and True
  • Cabbage - Red Drumhead

Later on there will be other stuff but no point in listing that now. The plastic-house is actually really very useful - I've got it in full sun so have to remember to open it up in the morning otherwise it gets like a sauna in there and causes white mouldy mildew stuff to form on the compost pots (the ones you can just plant straight into the ground) because of a lack of ventilation. I also reckon this helps to harden off the seedlings as well. Of course I zip it up at night-time. All-in-all a good investment.

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