Monday, 28 April 2008

Triffids, anyone?

It's been a little while since I've updated the blog because, well, to be honest, I haven't been doing all that much there, just more weeding and I don't really think that photos of bare brown earth are really all that exciting. I've also had a forty-mumble birthday in between and, frankly, the weather's been a load of old poo so I've not really been there much.

However, things have been going menkle in the plastic- house - check out the pictures! Towards the right of the frame are the Red Cabbage seedlings, and in the middle are the late Brussel Sprouts. At the back of the tray (and you can't really see them) are a few Savoy Cabbage and Kale plants which have only just germinated. I only hope the brassicas in front don't get too leggy before I can get them in the ground. And germination of these guys has been damn near 100%, which was a bit unexpected - I really don't think I can eat 17 or so Red Cabbages over the winter period (always assuming they all survive)!

Now, when I first got the plopment, I more or less decided that I wasn't really going to bother much with soft fruit (we don't eat a lot of fruit in our house - it's nothing but concentrated sugar after all) but some very good friends gave me four Raspberry canes and 6 Strawberry plants for my birthday, so into the ground they must go although I've not made plans for their position on the plopment so I'm going to have to do some pondering. I'm assuming that Raspberries like to be in a permanent place so I'm going to have to stick them somewhere where they won't get in the way, like down the sides or summink. Anyway, here's a couple of pictures of what they currently look like (i.e., still in their wrappers waiting for a home).

The final bit of news for the moment is that I've bought a shed to go on the plopment, using my birthday money (did I mention already I've had a birthday?) I know it's more the 'done thing' these days to try and get one secondhand off eBay or build one yourself but that's a huge amount of bother when all's said and done, so I just did a spot of research on the web and decided a 6' x 4' shiplap wooden fence from Wickes Builders' Merchants would do me fine. I considered a metal or polypropolene shed on the basis that they don't need painting, won't rot, etc., but they seem kinda soul-less to me - dammit, I LIKE a wooden shed! I've managed for as long as I think I can without one and despite the offer to borrow tools from the lovely people next door with the raised beds, I'd rather not if I can avoid it as it can cause problems, and I'm finding now that I need buckets and rakes and hoes and all the other crud, so the time has come. It's getting delivered to my house next Friday and then we try and work out how to get it to the allotment site - the little roadway is too narrow I think for a big car or even a small flatbed truck so it might just be Shank's pony, which should be a laugh! Anyhoo, I'll update with pics when it all happens...

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  1. Hello again, Wow a new shed arriving - please keep us updated.
    I think I have managed to acquire an old unwanted shed on a plot near mine. It will probably fall down first but I reckon a few bits of new wood and some nails will do the trick.
    Keep your chin up re: rain - it's a right pain isn't it. I went to my lotty today for a quick check as I hadn't been since Monday and all is well. However I am gagging for an hour one evening, but you can't go in this weather can you?


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