Sunday, 6 April 2008

Who needs a Delorean?

Okay, so, Thursday of this week the temperature was up to 18 degrees Centigrade (that's mid-60s in old money) - it was fantastic, blue sky, warm enough for a t-shirt, you really got the feeling summer (never mind spring!) was actually here - hooray for global warming. Then on Sunday, all across the south east of England, we woke up to this (the picture's my back garden rather than the allotment). In about an hour we had a good 2-3 inches of snow - it was like we'd gone back in time to January and shifted location to, oh, I dunno, Norway or something. Whole platoons of snowmen were being created on every open space like an army of warriors made from ice rather than terracotta. Bizarrely, within 6 hours the whole lot had vanished as it if had never been! I suppose at this time of year the sun is somewhat hotter than it is in January so the snow never stood a chance. Shame, as it was really very beautiful....

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